Month: January 2017

Medco-14: Return To Work With Restrictions

Important distinction between being “temporary and totally disabled” and being “released to work with restrictions.”

If you are “temporary and totally disabled” you may be entitled to temporary total disability compensation.

If: 1.)  you have been released to work with restrictions and 2.) your employer offers you a “Written Light Duty Job Offer” 3.) and the light duty offered is compatible with the work restrictions listed on the Medco-14, you must take the offer.

Now if you go to work and you cannot do the work, do not unilaterally decide to work quit working, instead go to your doctor and have your doctor take you off work.


If you unilaterally stop working, you will not be entitled to compensation. If your doctor certifies you temporarily and totally disabled you may be entitled to compensation. Its that simple.

Workers Comp: Cordell aka Weed Case

Cordell v. Pallet Companies: The Weed Case

Recent Ohio Supreme Court case Cordell has implications for all those who test positive for marijuana (and other substances: alcohol/opiods/hallucinogens/etc) in a post accident drug screen. I discuss the case in detail in a short youtube video which you can view here.

The Rule from Cordell regarding testing positive for Marijuana is the following:

An injured worker may still be entitled to temporary total disability compensation when

(1) discovery of the dischargeable offense occurred because of the injury and

(2) the employee was medically incapable of returning to work  a result of the workplace injury at the time he/she was terminated

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