Month: December 2018

Even a Family Dog Can Commit a Dog Bite

A dog can be a great pet but always be vigilant especially around children. Its pretty scary when you search for ohio dog bite or ohio dog attack and you get a bunch of news hits involving children. If you or your loved one is the victim of a dog bite or dog attack, please contact the aggressive, compassionate attorneys at Malek & Malek.

I had three golden retrievers growing up as a child: Major, Raider, and Bailey. A Golden retriever is a notoriously family friendly dog however despite that our dogs still had their bad sides. For example Bailey was probably the most friendly, gentle of the three goldens. I tend to think if you can muck about with a dog’s food bowl without that dog growling, you have a disciplined, gentle dog. And Bailey you could take the food bowl, you could push him away from the food bowl, etc, he would not bite you.

But god forbid you prevent Bailey from getting leftover bones from someone’s trash.  He would growl, he would snap, he would get mean. Fortunately he never bit me. I actually think he may have bit my older brother Jim at one time. Anyways Bailey would get to the thrown out bones, and unfortunately those bones would act as a super laxative for Bailey. A lot of gross cleans up would ensue.

Child bitten by dog while playing catch with a friend:

Dog injury involving a 4 year old child in Cincinnati:

Yikes! Ohio Ranks Third in Dog Bite Claims

Six year old boy in Dayton almost lost his eye in dog bite incident:

Dog involved in four attacks:

A Serious Work Injury Happens In an Instance

Take Stock of Your Blessings in the New Year

Malek & Malek is a family owned and run law firm representing those who have suffered a serious work injury or death. Our father and my two brothers: Ed, Jim and Doug. Working in and running a law firm can sometimes be stressful, but is rarely if ever dangerous. Accidents can happen anywhere, but likely the worst thing that may happen at our office is I or someone here takes a tumble down the stairs.

However we represent injured workers here in Columbus and around Ohio. We have folks who come in who have had a serious work injury. These are injuries that change lives, that knock people out of careers or out of employment forever. Some of these folks are single income families, now they must get paid by the Ohio workers comp system.

This year I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to speak with the loved ones of those who have died on the job. None of these folks who were injured or died on the job thought it would happen to them. Everything was going well, plans were made, vehicles were bought, apartment rent/house payments were being made. Then a loved falls off of a ladder, a limb gets smashed in a factory machine, a furnace explodes. Just do a search on google for work injury and OSHA investigations.

If you or your loved one suffers a serious work injury or death on the job Malek & Malek will help you but please let us pray that no one suffers a work injury, or no one’s son, daughter, father, mother, cousin dies. In this New Year, when everything is going great, or maybe not going great, but not going terrible, pause, reflect, and let us count our blessings. Give your son, daughter, husband, wife, brother, sister, mother, father a hug.

Also as always please be safe on New Year’s Eve. Be safe on the roads, let us have no car accidents resulting in a serious injury. Be boring, stay in, play some video games, read a book.

Godbless – Kip


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