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Can a Workers Comp Doctor Force You Back to Work?

Yes, your workers comp doctor can release you back to work on a full duty basis without restrictions. However an Ohio work injury lawyer can help match you with a work injury doctor that engages in a dialogue about what you can or cannot realistically do, rather than unilaterally forcing you back to work.

There are three types of workers comp doctor : employer biased doctors, worker biased doctors, and surgeons. Employer biased doctors sometimes unilaterally release their patients back to work with little to no feedback from patients. Worker biased doctors usually communicate and try to accommodate the legitimate concerns and limitations of their work injury patients. Surgeons sometimes release workers comp patients back to work after the work injury patient has undergone a period of rehabilitation following surgery without really considering the physical rigors of that persons job.

If your work injury doctor certifies that you return to work without restrictions your temporary total disability compensation will be terminated. You will need to return to work. So if you think you really are not ready to go back to work, but your BWC workers comp doctor is hinting that you should, you really need to reach out to an Ohio workers compensation lawyer at Malek & Malek today. We will be able to inform you of your options, give you a list of bwc doctors which might be more reasonable and logical about your current limitations.

However if you doctor does release you back to work and you return to work and you have an exacerbation of pain and symptoms. Your Ohio work injury doctor may re-certify you temporary and totally disabled.