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Can I Sue My Employer for My Work Injury?

No, generally you cannot sue your employer for your workplace injuries. In Ohio an employer has immunity from personal injury liability, instead an employer must have workers compensation coverage for work injuries that happen by employees. So if you get injured at work you do not SUE the employer, you file an Ohio workers compensation claim for your work injury. If your claim is allowed you may receive compensation benefits and medical treatment.

Now if your employer does something whereby he is found to have intentionally tried to hurt you, then you piece the workers comp shield and you may sue him for an intentional tort. In Ohio its a pretty high barrier to over come.

If you think your employer did something so manifestly wrong that he committed an intentional tort you should contact a work injury attorney. You may or may not have an intentional tort claim, if you do you may be able to sue for economic, non-economic, and punitive damages. Depending on what occurred the damages may be significantly more than the compensation you are currently receiving through your worker’s comp claim. Contact the work injury lawyers at Malek & Malek for a free consultation today