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Ohio State Fair Tragedy: Who Is Liable

Malek and Malek wishes to express their deepest sympathies to the families involved and touched by the tragedy that occurred at the Ohio State Fair on July 26, 2017.

Jim Malek gave an interview regarding who may be liable for the tragedy on ABC Channel 6.

In regards to the accident he had this to say:

“As long as they follow the safety rules, and we don’t know that at this point in time, this accident should not have occurred”

A question was posed to Jim regarding the fact that the riders had signed waivers. Jim’s answer was that you expect that you may get hit by a foul ball at a baseball game but . . .

“Most people that ride a ride don’t assume under any circumstances that it’s going to fall apart in midair and cause serious injury and death”

Medco-14: Return To Work With Restrictions

Important distinction between being “temporary and totally disabled” and being “released to work with restrictions.”

If you are “temporary and totally disabled” you may be entitled to temporary total disability compensation.

If: 1.)  you have been released to work with restrictions and 2.) your employer offers you a “Written Light Duty Job Offer” 3.) and the light duty offered is compatible with the work restrictions listed on the Medco-14, you must take the offer.

Now if you go to work and you cannot do the work, do not unilaterally decide to work quit working, instead go to your doctor and have your doctor take you off work.


If you unilaterally stop working, you will not be entitled to compensation. If your doctor certifies you temporarily and totally disabled you may be entitled to compensation. Its that simple.

Workers Comp: Cordell aka Weed Case

Cordell v. Pallet Companies: The Weed Case

Recent Ohio Supreme Court case Cordell has implications for all those who test positive for marijuana (and other substances: alcohol/opiods/hallucinogens/etc) in a post accident drug screen. I discuss the case in detail in a short youtube video which you can view here.

The Rule from Cordell regarding testing positive for Marijuana is the following:

An injured worker may still be entitled to temporary total disability compensation when

(1) discovery of the dischargeable offense occurred because of the injury and

(2) the employee was medically incapable of returning to work  a result of the workplace injury at the time he/she was terminated

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Personal Injury: The Importance of Evidence: Bus Crash



You must act fast collecting evidence after you have been personally injured. Evidence, particularly video evidence, can/will be destroyed. Often times evidences, such as video and photos, show who was at fault for the cause of the injury. Sometimes, this will incentivize the destruction of evidence by the wrongdoer in anticipation of a personal injury lawsuit. Other times, evidence is destroyed as part of the normal course of business, i.e. information on a video server may only be retained for x amount of weeks before deletion. Either way, the sooner you come to Malek & Malek, the more likely we can prevent the wrongdoer from destroying these vital information.

Case in point was a Bus Crash involving our client Rodney Matthews. Rodney Matthews was a passenger of a car which had run out of gas. The driver and Matthews were pushing the car on the side of the road, when a bus crashed into the back of the car. It was dark, and the bus driver claimed he did not see the car. Had there been no video evidence, this might have been the end of the story.

Fortunately there was video evidence of the interior of the bus, showing the driver glancing at something to his left eight times before crashing into the car, instantly killing the driver and grievously injuring our client Matthews.

You can see the video of the distracted bus driver here:



Video Evidence can be the thing that makes or breaks your personal injury claims along with attorney you chose to represent you.  Whether you are injured in a slip and fall, car accident, or a dog bite case, the attorneys at Malek & Malek are here to help you and your family get the compensation and medical care you deserve.

Author: Jake Stang

Personal Injury: Slip and Fall Injury Situations

Slip and fall injuries are some of the most common situations that our personal injury lawyers, and even our workers’ compensation lawyers, here at Malek and Malek come across. Slip and fall injuries account for over 40% of all spinal injuries and are often serious, affecting people for the rest of their lives. Here are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with a slip and fall case.

What does a typical slip and fall situation look like? In order to have a slip and fall claim you must be able to show that the property owner owed a duty to not cause injury to you, they breached this duty, and that the breach of the duty caused your injury. Breach of duty by the property owner in a slip and fall case almost always involves a hazardous condition and the failure to properly clean up this condition or to notify people of this condition. A hazardous condition can either be permanent (like a broken stair) or temporary (icy conditions or a puddle of water on the floor). This hazardous condition must have caused the slip and the injury must be the proximate result of this. A good example of this is when an owner of a restaurant allows a walkway to become icy (temporary hazardous condition), fails to properly make the walkway safe for customers (breach of duty), and someone slips and falls on the icy walkway which causes a back injury (breach of the duty was the cause of the injury).

The theory of negligence is important to keep in mind while pursuing a slip and fall claim. Negligence establishes who was at fault for your injuries and to what extent each party is responsible for damages. Negligence is when someone fails to use reasonable care and that failure results in an injury. A property owner will be found negligent if they failed to notify people about the potential slip and fall risk, this includes posting a sign about the risk or actually telling the person about a risk. Negligence can be proven through evidence of what the building was like at the time of the accident which includes witnesses, photos/videos of the site of the accident, and/or things that show weather verification (if it was caused by snow, rain, or ice). This theory can also be used against the injured person in what is called comparative negligence. Through this, the judge compares the negligence of the all the parties involved. In Ohio if a person is found to be more negligent in causing their injuries than the property owner then they cannot recover from the owner or the property, but if not then the amount you can recover will be reduced in direct proportion to the extent that you are at fault. Negligence is very important in slip and fall cases because it can be used by and against you.

The location is very important in a slip and fall claim because it determines who is liable and what kind of claims that can be pursued. If a person slips and falls while on private property, not their own property, then there is a possibility that the owner of the property is liable for the injuries. Another important thing about the location is that if this injury occurred while at work then you may have both a personal injury claim and a work injury claim. Location of the accident also affects what type of benefits you may be able to recover for your injuries. For slip and fall injuries that occur on private property outside of employment you are eligible to receive medical benefits such as hospital bills, physical therapy, and help to pay for medication. For an incident that occurs at the workplace, you may be eligible to also receive benefits which include lost wage benefits, and can include temporary disability benefits, permanent partial disability benefits or permanent total disability benefits.

The last important thing to keep in mind when you are injured as a result of a slip and fall accident is your friends at Malek & Malek. Our lawyers are very familiar with these types of injuries and we will get you the maximum compensation for your claim.

BWC: Auto Accidents and Workers’ Comp


Here at Malek & Malek we represent workers who have been injured while either driving or as a passenger in a motor vehicle. For injured workers involved in motor vehicle accidents, Malek & Malek will pursue two different legal remedies on behalf of the injured worker, a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury lawsuit. In this article we will be discussing how a motor vehicle accident can be a compensable work injury.



Before we delve into workers’ compensation auto accident rules, to be a compensable injury, an injury must have occurred within the “course of employment.” An injury happens within the course of employment when the worker is injured performing the tasks he was hired to do. Let’s use a restaurant fry cook as an example:

            Within The Course of Employment

  • Fry cook burns his hand on the grill
  • Fry cook slips on grease walking back to the freezer to get frozen French fries, lands on his back and sustains a back sprain
  • Fry cook suffers third-degree burns while cleaning the hot oil in an incorrect manner
  • Fry cook lacerates his hand throwing our trash into dumpster, where there was a nice in the trash bag

Not Within The Course Of Employment

  • Fry cook trips and lands on his back during a smoke break
  • Fry cook suffers a head contusion (bump on the head) while tossing frozen hamburgers back and forth with a fellow employee as part of a game



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Happy Holidays From Malek & Malek!!!

The Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Attorneys at Malek & Malek wish that you Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Be safe folks. Enjoy the time with your families and loved ones. Take a moment to reflect on the past year. As always we are grateful that you choose us to be your attorney.


So we had a Christmas Decoration Contest here at the office. Dawn, Bill, Paquito, Mirna, Melina, Evelyn, and Tately participated. Neither Doug, Jim, Ben, Ed, or Myself participated. Grinches? Not sure.

Melina won the contest. She has this really compact, cute creche set. In addition, she has a bit of a Martha Stewart thing going on. Melina cut out these intricate paper stars.

melina_christmas (2)


Bill has a “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.” Its pretty fantastic. Scrappy but a ton of heart.


Evelyn is a new employee at Malek and Malek. She has a nice light display. Kinda cozy actually.evelyn_tree

Dawn decorated her “fireplace” quite nicely. She’s laughing at me? That’s not cool. Haha.


Last but not least, we have Paquito pulling a “Fonz” pose. There’s a Christmas stocking for each member of Malek and Malek. I like his Christmas tree as well.





Walk For the Poor 2015 Redux





We participated in the Walk For The Poor this past Saturday. Mirna, Melina, Dawn, Paquito, Jim, Ed, and Kip all met at DeSales Highschool at around 9:00 am. It was unseasonably cold. Fortunately the rain let up so we weren’t both cold and wet. Father Charlie from St. Paul’s in Westerville blessed those who were interested in being blessed. Then we were off.

We walked around the DeSales running track four times.  So we walked about a mile and then that was that. Considering how chilly the morning was, we had a fairly sizable crowd.

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Workers’ Compensation: Voluntary Abandonment and McNabb


Does your employer have a policy that after so many unexcused absents you run the risk of being fired? Often our clients must miss work because of their injuries in order to see doctors or are told that they cannot work because of their injuries. Employers will sometimes fire the injured worker because of the violation of this policy. As a consequence of this the injured worker is said to have voluntarily abandoned the workplace.

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The 2015 Walk For the Poor


I recently saw a biopic on Brian Wilson the troubled singer and writer for the Beach Boys. On the whole the movie was serviceable but did not quite do justice to the compelling story of Brian Wilson’s life. But the thing that had the most impact on me from the movie was the ending footage from a recent concert featuring Brian singing his song “Love and Mercy” (which also happened to be the name of the movie).

“Love and Mercy” is certainly not the best song in the Beach Boy’s or Brian Wilson’s repertoire. I’m not even sure it makes my top ten list. However the message encapsulated within the song, the notion that living this life is hard and that everyone needs deserves love and mercy, is a just as relevant today as it was when Brian wrote it in the 80’s. We all deserve love and mercy from our troubles whether they be related to money, our health, our relationship issues, or whatever roadblocks life throws in our way. Everyone needs a break.

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