Workers’ Compensation Hearings At The Industrial Commission


This might seem obvious, but its incredibly important to show up at Industrial Commission hearings. If you have a hearing before the Industrial Commission you’ll receive a notice in the mail. I’ve attached an example of a notice with our client’s information redacted. If you notice the highlighted section says, “You Are Urged To Be Present.”

You might take this to mean, “we’ll I’m urged, but not ordered to be present, so my presence is optional.” It might says this but you should always show up. for your own sake and the success of whatever you are trying to achieve at the hearing, your presence is absolutely mandatory.

Unless we explicitly call you, and say, do not show up, you should always show up for your workers’ compensation hearings at the industrial commission. If you don’t show up, you are shooting yourself in the foot. I’d argue the client’s testimony is one of the most crucial factors is terming whether a hearing goes in favor or against the injured worker. This is especially true for treatment issues. The injured worker’s testimony that “I really need this treatment” or “this physical therapy would really help me or has helped me” is a crucial factor in

DHO Order
DHO Order

pushing things over the line in favor of the injured worker.

So bottom line, unless we say otherwise, always show up at your workers’ compensation hearings at the Industrial Commission.