Construction Site Injuries Attorney in Columbus, Ohio

Construction sites can be very dangerous places. Multiple contractors, moving machinery, heavy equipment, overhead cranes and construction debris expose workers to the risk of serious injury or death. General Contractors may cut corners to maximize profits. Poorly trained and underpaid workers may be used. Equipment may not be serviced as often as necessary. Important safety equipment may not be provided. Essential safety rules are often ignored.

When a serious injury or death occurs on a construction site, it is important to hire a Columbus Ohio Personal Injury Attorney as soon as possible. Critical evidence such as video surveillance, photographs, phone records, emails, maintenance records, text messages and witness statement may be lost, destroyed or altered. Obtaining and preserving this information is necessary to ensure that you receive full and fair restitution for all the resulting harms and losses. The Personal Injury and Wrongful Death attorneys at Malek & Malek have been representing hard working men and women who have been injured on construction sites since 1972.

Malek & Malek has been successful at getting compensation for construction site injuries under both the Workers’ Compensation system in addition to claims against the careless contractors and others who ignore the construction safety rules.

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