High Risk Occupations for Workers’ Comp Injuries

Accidents can happen anywhere on the job, but some work sites are more dangerous than others. There are occupations that in the world of workers’ compensation are deemed “high risk occupations.” High risk occupations are those in which injury is far more likely to occur, such as jobs in construction, factories, or that involve driving. These are occupations in which injury is a constant factor in the work place, and they are occupations that a Columbus workers’ compensation attorney at Malek & Malek is well -versed in.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance (also referred to “Workman’s Comp Insurance”) is a form of liability insurance for businesses that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees who have endured a work injury. Workers’ compensation insurance can serve multiple functions. It can act as a form of health insurance by paying for any medical care required as the result of a work injury. It can act as a form of life insurance by providing benefits payable to the dependents of an employee killed from a work injury, and it can take the form of a kind of disability insurance by replacing the wages that would otherwise be lost as the result of an employee taking time off to heal from a work injury.

A Few High Risk Fields

Construction: Just about any job in construction is a very common high risk occupation. Objects can fall and land on construction workers. They can also fall from scaffolding or off of ladders. The equipment and tools used in construction work are often very dangerous and can easily lead to work injury. If not properly prepared, they may even be exposed to toxic substances or may suffer lung damage from asbestos, dust, and debris. The workers’ comp lawyers in Columbus, Oh at Malek & Malek have a wealth of experience when it comes to securing workers’ compensation for construction related work injuries.