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Your home is your refuge. You go there to sleep, to eat, to relax, to rejuvenate from a long work week. So it is a real tragedy when you are injured at the apartment or house you are renting because the landlord failed to follow proper safety rules.

Common personal injuries to tenants and renters include falls due to unsafe entrances, stairwells, and the lack of code mandated handrails. Carbon monoxide poisoning and death can result from furnaces that have not been properly maintained by the landlord. In addition, tenants can sustain serious burn and inhalation injuries due to fire caused by faulty wiring and a lack of required smoke detectors.

The Columbus oh personal injury lawyers at Malek & Malek aggressively represents tenants and renters when they suffer these and other types of personal injuries caused by a landlord’s safety violation. You should be safe in your home and when you are not, you deserve justice.

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