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Job-related injuries can have very serious and devastating consequences in the lives of Ohio workers and their families. Ohio workers’ compensation laws protect injured workers, providing compensation for lost wages and medical care, so the injured worker in Ohio can obtain the necessary medical attention they need for a full recovery.

Workers’ compensation laws are highly complex, and economic pressures have forced employers and insurance providers to push harder for denial of claims, leaving injured parties without proper treatment and care. We work diligently to protect the interests of workers and hold employers responsible for job-related injuries.

Why Hire A Workers’ Comp Lawyer

A work injury attorney in Columbus at Malek & Malek will provide a complete and comprehensive analysis of your workers’ compensation case. Workplace accidents may involve multiple at-fault parties. We work to investigate the cause of each accident and hold responsible parties accountable. This may include filing a claim against the employer for workers’ compensation or bringing a suit against a third party for negligence.

Work place accidents can happen anywhere and can affect almost any industry or profession. Some injuries may be minor, but others can be catastrophic and even fatal.

Types of Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Disability – Workers injured on the job may be entitled to treatment and compensation. Under the no-fault system the worker must prove a causal connection between the injury event and his employment. Allow the Ohio Workers’ Compensation attorneys at Malek & Malek to get the treatment and compensation you deserve.

Permanent Total Disability – A worker may receive permanent total disability compensation when he is deemed unfit of sustained gainful employment The work injury attorneys in Columbus at Malek & Malek have been successful in obtaining permanent disability compensation for injured workers.

Permanent Partial Disability – An injured worker may file for a permanent partial disability award 26 weeks after his injury or the last receipt of compensation. The injured worker will be awarded a percentage as a result of an allowed condition(s). Malek & Malek is successful at getting substantial permanent partial disability awards.

Temporary Total Disability – A worker qualifies for TTD compensation if he is temporarily incapable of returning to work because of medical conditions caused by his work injury. The Columbus temporary total disability lawyers at Malek & Malek will fight to secure the TTD compensation you should receive.

Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) – An injured worker must file a claim with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (“BWC”) within two years from the date of the injury. Otherwise the worker will be barred pursuant to the statute of limitations from participation in the state workers’ compensation fund.

Common Workplace Injuries – Common workplace injuries include: severe back strains, degenerative disc disease and spinal nerve damage, occupational diseases from exposure to dangerous substances, repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, head trauma, and shoulder damage. The common workplace Injuries attorney in Columbus at Malek & Malek is here to represent you.

High Risk Occupations – High risk occupations are those in which injury is far more likely to occur, such as jobs in construction, factories, or that involve driving. The workers’ comp lawyers in Columbus, Oh at Malek & Malek have a wealth of experience when it comes to securing workers’ compensation for construction related work injuries.

Violation Of Specific Safety Requirement ( VSSR ) – If a worker is injured because employers are in violation of a specific safety requirement, he may be entitled to an additional award of compensation due to this violation. Filing a VSSR application is a highly involved process, please get in touch with an experienced VSSR attorney in Columbus, Ohio.

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JURY TRIAL: Verdict For Client: Added Herniated Disc L5-S1 After Successful Jury Trial

Workers Compensation Lawyers Columbus Oh WORKERS’ COMPENSATION

CASE: Client was a hardworking husband and father.  He worked at Kroger as a picker in their warehouse.  As a result of repetitive heavy lifting, he developed a herniated disc in his lower back.  He initially tried to represent himself before the Ohio Industrial Commission.  Kroger had hired a large law firm with substantial resources to fight the claim.  His claim was denied at all levels before the Ohio Industrial Commission.  Malek & Malek filed an appeal in the court system and requested a jury trial.  Kroger argued that the herniated disc was not related to client’s job duties at Kroger and also that our client’s condition was pre-existing.  On the morning of trial, Kroger indicated that they wanted to make an offer to settle the claim as long as the client would agree to walk away from his job at the Kroger Company.  In addition, they wanted a confidential agreement.  The client liked his job and did not want to be forced to quit.  Malek & Malek tried the case.  The Kroger Company brought in multiple witnesses to testify against the client, including a board certified neurologist, who made millions testifying on behalf of insurance companies and large companies like Kroger.

RESULT: The jury saw through all of this and after a very short deliberation, returned a verdict for the client and allowed his claim for the herniated disc at L5-S1.  The client was then able to get his surgery with pay and successfully returned to work in the warehouse where he was able to continue to provide for his family.

JURY TRIAL: $20,000.00 In Back Pay & $60,000.00 Settlement After Offer From The Attorney General For Only $5,000

Workers Compensation Lawyers Columbus Oh WORKERS’ COMPENSATION

CASE: Client came to Malek & Malek after he had been advised to accept $5,000.00 to settle his workers compensation claim by his former attorney.  The claim was only recognized for a low back sprain and a bruised chest.  The client had not treated for a period of several years.  His claim had been denied for degenerative disc disease at L5-S1.  The attorneys at Malek & Malek believed in their client and asked the jury find that the client’s degenerative disc disease was caused by the injury several years before.  The two assistant attorney generals handling the case felt so confident that they never even hired an expert witness.  The offer stood all the way up to the date of trial and never changed from the $5,000.00 original offered.

RESULT: After presenting the evidence to the jury, they returned a verdict for the client and found that his degenerative disc disease at L5-S1 was caused by the original injury.  Malek & Malek was then able to recover over 2 years in lost wages.  The claim eventually settled for $60,000.00, over 12 times the original offer.

JURY TRIAL: $140,000.00 Settlement

Workers Compensation Lawyers Columbus Oh WORKERS’ COMPENSATION

CASE: Malek & Malek went to trial to have the additional condition of pain disorder associated with psychological factors and general pain condition added to the client’s claim.

RESULT: After a successful jury verdict for the client, the client was awarded two years in back compensation based upon this condition. Over $400,000.00 in medical and indemnity was paid out. In addition to the $400,000.00, Malek & Malek also successfully settled the claim for $140,000.00.

JURY TRIAL: $185,000.00 Settlement

Workers Compensation Lawyers Columbus Oh WORKERS’ COMPENSATION

CASE: Client’s original claim was only allowed for various sprains including: sprain of the neck, sprain of the lumbar region, sprain of the shoulder and arm, and sprain of the rotator cuff.

RESULT: After a jury trial, claim was additionally allowed for substantial aggravation of pre-existing depression.  Post verdict, over $300,000.00 in medical and indemnity was paid.  The $185,00.00 settlement with the BWC was an indemnity settlement, meaning the medical side of the client’s claim was kept open, allowing the client to continue receiving medical treatment.

$225,000.00 Settlement (Industrial Commission)

Workers Compensation Lawyers Columbus Oh WORKERS’ COMPENSATION

CASE: Malek & Malek was able to get the following conditions added to the client’s workers’ compensation claim: T12 compression fracture, lumbar sprain, disc protrusion T12-L1, thoracic degenerative disc disease T11-T12, lumbar degenerative disc disease L1-L2 and L4-L5, and post traumatic myofacial pain syndrome.

RESULT: After adding these conditions to the claim and getting treatment for these conditions, Malek & Malek eventually settled the client’s workers’ compensation claim for $225,000.00.

JURY TRIAL: $400,000.00 in Indemnity and Medical

Workers Compensation Lawyers Columbus Oh WORKERS’ COMPENSATION

CASE: Originally, the client’s claim was only allowed for fractured dorsal vertebra.

RESULT: After a successful jury trial, depressive disorder (not otherwise specified) was added to the claim. Over $400,000.00 in indemnity and medical was paid out post-verdict. In addition, Malek & Malek was able to get the client permanent total disability compensation.