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The 2015 Walk For the Poor


Advertisement of biopic Love and Mercy

I recently saw a biopic on Brian Wilson the troubled singer and writer for the Beach Boys. On the whole the movie was serviceable but did not quite do justice to the compelling story of Brian Wilson’s life. But the thing that had the most impact on me from the movie was the ending footage from a recent concert featuring Brian singing his song “Love and Mercy” (which also happened to be the name of the movie).

“Love and Mercy” is certainly not the best song in the Beach Boy’s or Brian Wilson’s repertoire. I’m not even sure it makes my top ten list. However the message encapsulated within the song, the notion that living this life is hard and that everyone needs deserves love and mercy, is a just as relevant today as it was when Brian wrote it in the 80’s. We all deserve love and mercy from our troubles whether they be related to money, our health, our relationship issues, or whatever roadblocks life throws in our way. Everyone needs a break.

Pope Francis waving

To this end, I’m glad we have a leader like Pope Francis spreading the message of unity and inclusion. He spoke the following to Congress in his recent American visit , ” [w]e must move forward together, as one, in a renewed spirit of fraternity and solidarity, cooperating generously for the common good.” Pope Francis preaches a very humanistic message that life is not about living in a bubble of materialism and selfishness, its about helping each other. I think this message is one that serves the foundation of our values at Malek and Malek.

No other group needs help more than those in financial need. We will all find ourselves in situations where we can’t afford a place to live, or food to eat, or clothes to keep us warm. The poor don’t choose to be poor. For some people its some terrible accident or injury that happens out of the blue. The hardworking and honest individual suddenly finds himself unable to pay the bills because he is unable to work.

The St. Vincent De Paul Society is an organization that strives to end poverty. They have an annual event called “The Friends of the Poor Walk/Run“. Malek and Malek invites you to join us at “The Walk for the Poor” being held at De Sales High School on October 3 at 10:00 am. We wish you and your family love and mercy.

Every mile counts sign