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About Us

Columbus, Ohio Workers Comp & Personal Injury Attorney

The Law Offices of Malek & Malek have been serving Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding communities since 1972. Attorney Ed Malek founded the Malek Law Firm as a general litigation practice, providing legal representation in a variety of areas. In 1995, his eldest son, James Malek, joined the practice, and the firm narrowed its focus, concentrating exclusively on protecting the rights of accident victims, injured parties and their families.

The firm has grown since its early days. Founding Attorney Ed Malek now practices in good company with three of his sons, James Doug, and Kip Malek, all licensed attorneys. The Malek & Malek Law Firm now has five practicing attorneys who work tirelessly in developing long-lasting relationships with employees and families of Columbus, Ohio. Combined, these five attorneys bring over sixty years of experience to the court room.

Attorneys Fighting for Clients Compensation

At Malek & Malek, our lawyers work with clients to ensure the personal legal representation and closure that clients deserve following catastrophic and fatal injuries. Our attorneys understand the pain and stress personal injury cause. At Malek & Malek, we combine friendly, compassionate legal representation with the knowledge, skill and determination to achieve a successful recovery for our clients.

Our Attorneys Provide Zealous Advocacy for any type of Personal Injury:

  • Workers compensation claims, job-related injuries, and occupational diseases;
  • Job safety issues, including violations of specific safety requirements;
  • Auto accidents, including truck accidents, rollovers, and motorcycle accidents;
  • Premises liability, including slip and fall and dog bite injuries;
  • Medical malpractice;
  • Product liability claims;
  • Other personal injuries

James Malek, Preeminent Ohio Dog Bite Attorney

James Malek has proven over and over again his ability to recover substantial compensation and payment of medical bills for victims of a dog bite or dog attack. Often these cases require a deep dive into how this type of injury affects the dog bite victim both on a physical and an emotional level. James developed a very effective process by which he is able to communicate this physical and emotional injury to juries and insurance companies.

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