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Permanent Total Disability

Permanent Total Disability Benefits in Ohio

Ohio workers who have been injured on the job are usually entitled to benefits under the state’s workers’ compensation laws. The benefits depend upon the nature and extent of the injuries. Someone who is deemed unable to work is entitled to receive permanent total disability benefits. Call now to set up a free consultation with the PTD lawyers in Columbus, Ohio at Malek & Malek.

Receiving Disability Benefits

A worker who sustains the loss or loss of use of upper extremities, lower extremities, eyes or a combination of any two, will understandably have a less difficult time proving his disability to the Industrial Commission of Ohio. All other claimants must undergo a thorough medical examination and evaluation, and a hearing before the Industrial Commission of Ohio that will determine whether the applicant will receive permanent total disability (PTD) benefits. If it is determined the claimant will never be able to do any work for money for the rest of his or her life due to a workplace injury, in most instances, he or she will then receive total disability benefits.

The formula used to determine disability benefits is based on the worker’s income. Benefits generally are set at two-thirds of the worker’s average weekly wage at the time of his injury, but may be more or less than that under state law.

If you have been injured on the job and are not able to work due to your injuries, call the Columbus permanent total disability attorneys at Malek & Malek.