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Ohio Workers Compensation: Voluntary Abandonment: Klein v. Precision Esc

Ohio BWC Workers Comp Coranavirus Update

How do I calculate my workers comp settlement?

Workers Comp Top Ten 2020

Going and Coming Rule

Cooper’s Hawk at Malek & Malek Law Firm

Broken Arm Update

Denied Medical Treatment

Kip’s Fractured Right Arm

Working Wage Loss Compensation

Jim Malek discusses the Basics of Ohio Dog Bite Law

Ohio Work injury involving slipping on ice

Ohio BWC: MMI Maximum Medical Improvement

How to fill out a C84 during the coranavirus pandemic

Ohio BWC Intro to The Claims Process

Ohio BWC Workers Comp: Common Pitfall: Time

Work Injury: Choice of Medical Providers

Work Injury: What to Do After a Work Injury

Work Injury: C92 Permanent Partial Disability Award

Medco-14: Return to work with restrictions

Cordell Case: Work Injury and Marijuana

Request for Compensation: Form C84

Work Injury: Medco14 Recap

Work Injury: Voluntary Abandonment Of The Workplace

Work Injury: Medco-14 form Walkthrough

Ohio BWC: How to get ttd comp, ptd comp, working wage loss, living maintenance and ppd award

Strategy To Increase the Value Of Your Personal Injury Case!!!

Your Workers Compensation Claim and the Power of Information!!!

Ed Malek Discusses Motor Vehicles Claims In Ohio

Carpal Tunnel as an Occupational Disease in the Ohio Workers Compensation System

How to Appeal Treatment in a Self-Insured Ohio BWC Claim

How to Appeal Denied Treatment in A State Funded OHIO BWC Claim

No such thing as “coincidental to employment” as a reason to deny an Ohio workers comp claim

Attorney Ed Malek discusses types of Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Robinson Number in the context of personal injury claims

Home Health Aide Injury

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Attorney Ed Malek

Secrets of the Ohio BWC Website for Injured Workers

5 Things to Do to Increase Your Chance for Success at the Ohio Industrial Commission

Can I file a workers comp claim if I get injured at a seasonal or temp job?

How do I increase the amount of compensation I receive each week for my Ohio Workers Comp claim?

Ed Malek: Representing injured workers and their families since 1972

Ohio BWC Truck Injury

State Fund, Self-Insured, Dollar-For-Dollar, and Retro-Rated Employers

Ohio House Bill 81 and Changes to Workers Comp and Voluntary Abandonment

Three ground hogs at the office

What does it mean if I have an overpayment in my Ohio workers compensation claim?

Dog Bite: Collect damages from the haborer of the dog

Pneumonia and Occupational Disease in the Ohio Workers Compensation System

What happens if I get coronavirus at work?

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