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Ohio Personal Injury Lawyers Helping Families

At Malek & Malek Law Firm, we believe in providing injured persons and their families with laser-focused representation and guidance so they can focus on healing. Our team of personal injury lawyers prides ourselves on our ability to combine compassion for our clients with zealous advocacy that results in favorable outcomes.


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Personal Injury

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Personal Injury

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Personal Injury

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Workers' Compensation
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Personal Injury

Unfortunately for everyone, accidents are a part of everyday life. When they occur, you are entitled to recover from the person or entity responsible for your resulting injuries.

  • Truck Icon Truck Accident

    The trucking companies and their insurance carriers have a vested interest in settling these claim as soon as possible to limit their liability.
  • Car Crash Icon Car Accidents

    Car accidents are a leading cause of personal injuries and loss of property.
  • Slipping Icon Slip & Fall Injuries

    Persons that suffer injuries from slip and fall accidents can be entitled to lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.
  • Traffic Cone Icon Premises Liability

    Owners and managers of property have a responsibility to keep persons visiting their property free from harm.
  • Dog Bite Icon Dog Bite

    Dog bite injuries can be expensive and life-threatening. Recovering fully for these injuries from the responsible party requires skilled representation.
  • Tombstone Icon Wrongful Death

    Our attorneys are adroit at representing the family of wrongful death victims.
  • Crash Icon Motorcycle Accidents

    Due to the lack of protections afforded a person driving a car, such as airbags, injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents can be particularly serious.
  • Brain Icon Catastrophic Injuries

    These are severe injuries usually sustained by the head, spine, or spinal cord.
Hurt Worker

Workers' Compensation

Our firm handles all aspects of the workers’ compensation process from initial claim analysis to attending hearings at the Industrial Commission to litigating at jury trials. We communicate with medical providers, claim representatives, witnesses, and opposing counsel on your behalf.

  • Truck Icon Disability Benefits Through Worker’s Compensation

    In order to participate in the Ohio Workers Compensation fund, there must be a relationship between the work injury event and the injured workers employment.
  • Forklift Icon Workplace Injuries

    The injuries sustained at work that entitle you to workers’ compensation don’t have to be purely physical. Emotional and psychological damage can be the basis of a claim for workers’ compensation if it is the result of not being able to work anymore. There are two types of injuries that may be covered: Physical, and Psychological.
  • Exclamation Icon Occupational Diseases

    An occupational disease is any illness that is caused by a specific industrial process. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation maintains a list of illnesses that qualify a worker for compensation. A Columbus workers’ compensation attorney can review your medical records and provide guidance as to whether you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits due to your occupational disease.
  • Hand Saw Icon Construction Site Injuries

    Construction sites can be very dangerous places. Multiple contractors, moving machinery, heavy equipment, overhead cranes and construction debris expose workers to the risk of serious injury or death.


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WHO WE help

Our firm represents a broad spectrum of individuals and entities, including:

  • Roofers

  • Laborers

  • Factory Workers

  • Movers

  • Nurses

  • Prison Guards

  • Truckers

  • First Responders

  • Vehicle Passengers

  • Motorcyclists

  • Bicyclists

  • Construction Workers

  • Drivers

  • Car Manufacturer

  • Fracking Workers

  • Firefighters

  • Law Enforcement

  • Emergency Personnel

  • Farmers

  • Miners

  • Surviving Family Members of Wrongful Death Victims

  • Home Nurses & Health Aides


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Workers' Compensation

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About Malek Law Firm

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I’ve been coming to Ed Malek’s office for roughly 14-15 years and I’ve been very satisfied with the service and help they’ve given me. I’d recommend them to everybody I know.

Phil, Columbus, OH

I’ve known Ed Malek and his sons for many years. They have taken care of every bit of my needs and it has been a pleasure knowing them and having them do work for me.

Rudy, Columbus, OH

I got my life back. I’m working now. Everything is going well and I really appreciate everything they’ve done for me.

Iula, Columbus, OH

Not once, not once my friend have I had a concern. Its been like I’m part of the family. If you need someone you can trust, someone who can help you, then at Malek & Malek, you’re in the right place.

Roger, Columbus, OH

Ed Malek has been an attorney with my family for 40 years and they’ve always been good to us and done things right. They’ve always treated me wonderfully.

Ronald, Columbus, OH