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Can I Still File for Workers’ Comp for an Injury from 2021?

Workers' Compensation

When you get injured at work, it is best to file a workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible. But, 2021 was a challenging year, and many people who got injured at work simply had other priorities. If you suffered a work-related injury in 2021, can you still file for workers comp? Columbus workers’ compensation attorney Doug Malek explains:

Injured Workers in Columbus Have Up to One Year to File for Workers’ Compensation

Under Ohio law, employees in Columbus who suffer work-related injuries have up to one year to file for workers’ compensation benefits. This is plainly stated in Section 4123.84 of the workers’ compensation statute, which provides that a claim will be “forever barred unless, within one year after the injury,” the employee provides written notice to the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC).

This is a strict one-year limit. If you miss the deadline to provide written notice to the Ohio BWC by even a day, you can lose your right to receive workers’ compensation benefits. So, depending on when you got injured in 2021, you may still have time to file, but it could also already be too late.

You Should Start Your Claim Immediately if You Got Injured at Work in 2021

While injured employees in Columbus technically have up to one year to file their workers’ compensation claims with the Ohio BWC, there are many important reasons to file right away. As a result, even if you still have plenty of time to file under Section 4123.84, it is strongly in your best interests to contact a Columbus workers’ compensation attorney. Some of the risks you can encounter if you wait to file for workers’ compensation benefits include:

  • You may not be able to prove that your injury is related to your employment
  • You may lose your eligibility as a result of seeing a non-certified doctor
  • You may incur debts and other losses that you could have avoided

In general, the sooner you file your workers’ compensation claim, the fewer issues you will encounter. With that said, all workers’ comp claims can present challenges, and it is not unusual for injured employees to face wrongful denials. The risk of a wrongful denial delaying your receipt of benefits is yet another reason to hire a Columbus workers’ compensation attorney to file your claim as soon as possible.

Filing a workers’ comp claim with the Ohio BWC is not an easy process, and delays can add to the challenges involved. If you got injured on the job in 2021 and think you may be eligible for benefits, we strongly recommend that you speak with an attorney today.

Speak with a Columbus Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Confidence

If you need to know more about filing for workers’ compensation benefits in Columbus, we encourage you to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at Malek & Malek Law Firm. Call 888-444-7440 or contact us online to arrange a meeting today.