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Ohio BWC Claim for a Truck Injury in Another State


Whether you can file a claim in Ohio or another state can have major consequences to the benefits and compensation you may be entitled to. Workers compensation benefits are different from state to state. Some are more generous than Ohio, many more are significantly less generous. At Malek & Malek Law […]

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Changes to Voluntary Abandonment in House Bill 81


Voluntary Abandonment and House Bill 81 Governor Dewine has signed House Bill 81 this past Tuesday, June 16, 2020. It is effective in 90 days (approximately September 14, 2020). The bill is available to read here. So injuries that happen after the date the changes go into effect will be subject […]

What if I get coronavirus at work?


Coronavirus at Work The question is, what happens if I get coronavirus at work? Do I have a workers comp claim?. This is definately new and uncharted territory. Traditionally the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation would consider flu and colds an occupational disease. The Ohio BWC has addressed whether covid-19 and […]