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Ohio Workers’ Compensation: Work Place Rule Violation


Don’t Voluntary Abandon Your Job! In Ohio Workers’ Compensation, you might hear the word “abandonment” in regards to your job. Abandonment refers to the departure from your job. If you abandon your job you are no longer working there. It is roughly analogous to quitting your job, being fired/terminated, or laid off […]

Ohio Workers’ Compensation: The Historical Compromise


Origins The Ohio worker’s compensation law has had a major impact to business and society throughout its history. Just as any law it has been refined and polished numerous times. The law has gone through many changes in its evolution to what your worker’s compensation lawyer at Malek & Malek has become […]

Self-Driving Cars, the end of Auto Accidents?


Implications There has been a lot of news recently about automated cars. The wizards at Google have been testing driver less cars for years now. Many current cars on the road already incorporate safety systems which at least echo elements of autonomous cars. Some of the more notable systems are […]

Massive Fire on May 1st


There was a massive fire at an industrial business on the Southside of Columbus. The pictures are reminiscent of volcanoes erupting. Power was shut down for about 20k according to an article on 10 TV. Our office was one of the 20k customers whose power was affected. The article mentions […]