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Ohio Workers’ Compensation: Fraud, Don’t Do It


If you are claiming that you are temporarily and totally disabled or permanently totally disabled, you are saying you cannot perform the type of work you did before you were injured. For example, assume an individual works in a warehouse packing items into a box. That person injures his back while lifting the box from the assembly table to the ground. He is deemed temporarily totally disabled because of sprain/strain of his lumbar back region. Assume further that he gets ttd compensation while his back is being treated.

That individual would be committing fraud if he is found working, while collecting ttd compensation. The BWC is very diligent about investigating the legitimacy of workers’ claims. They will surveil injured workers, and individuals found to be committing fraud will be criminally prosecuted.

Case in point is Douglas Roop. Apparently this individual was receiving permanent total disability compensation. At the same time he was claiming to be ptd he was working at his brother-in-law’s businesses. He was found guilty of fraud and had to pay back $22k, YIKES!! Bottom line, play fair, play by the rules.