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Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving printed on wood with fall ornaments

Malek & Malek Thanksgiving

Hello, Thanksgiving is coming up in two days. The extended Malek & Malek family will be convening at Doug’s house this year. I have seven brothers and sisters. I work with two of them, Jim and Doug. Sometimes our family gatherings can resemble the Griswolds from National Lampoon Family Vacation. You get an explosive mix of personalities and it can get interesting.

One of my favorite and more humorous memories is not from Thanksgiving, but rather I think we were celebrating my grandmother’s birthday. Anyways my mom, in her infinite wisdom, choose to celebrate this birthday at Buca De Beppo’s. If anyone has been to this restaurant its famous for “family style” meals, aka chaos. Basically instead of say 10-20 people ordering 10-20 individual meals, you order a few big entrees. The idea is everyone shares.

So we order chicken parmigiana, stuffed mushrooms, italian sausage, and spaghetti and meatballs. At this dinner are my two sisters and their kids who at the time were toddlers. So the food eventually gets to the table, everybody is clamoring to get their share of the food. It was getting testy, and my sister worried that her son would go hungry, yells “pass the f#&@()&# meatballs!” So we did, and he got his f*(^&^^&#) meatballs.

Drunksgiving Eve

Irregardless Thanksgiving at our house can be fun, and chaotic. But the reason I’m posting this is apparently the Thanksgiving Eve is so well known for drinking that it has earned the sobriquet Drunksgiving or Blackout Wednesday. I had never heard this before. But apparently people in returning back to their hometowns for Thanksgiving meet friends, and family the night before. They go out drinking. People are “saving” space in their tummies for turkey and mash potatoes, so they don’t eat that much. Sales of alcohol have been shown to increase by 23 percent.

With increased drinking comes increased drunk driving. More accidents, more hospital visits, etc. So I guess maybe avoid driving on Drunksgiving? If you do and you get hit by a drunk driver on Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving Eve and the accident involves more than a fender bender, please give us a call. Malek & Malek will compassionately, and aggressively strive to get your medical bills paid, and the compensation you deserve for your car accident. Please have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.