Semi Truck Accident Attorney in Columbus, OH

Everyday thousands of drivers in Ohio share the road with tractor trailers and semi-trucks. As a result, crashes inevitably occur because of a safety violation on the part of a truck driver. The truck driver was distracted, inexperienced, poorly trained, in an improperly maintained truck, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or just simply exhausted from not taking a mandated break period. In 2013 alone, there were 10,613 crashes caused by truck drivers in Ohio according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Truck accident victims are often grievously injured or killed because of the nature of these accidents.

The trucking companies and their insurance carriers have a vested interest in settling these claim as soon as possible to limit their liability. As a result they will offer a sum of money to an injured victim or her family that may seem reasonable and fair but is actually completely unfair. Often times the true extent of a victim’s injuries will not become apparent until a year or more after the injury. Even after extensive surgery the victim may require a lifetime of care.

Therefore it is imperative that you contact the competent and experienced semi-truck accident lawyers Columbus Ohio at Malek & Malek so that you can recover sufficient compensation to pay for this lifetime of medical expenses.

We are deeply sorry if your loved one has been killed by a semi-truck or tractor trailer. You might be asking yourself, “Why go to trial?  The money isn’t going to bring my loved one back.” True, the money won’t bring your loved one back, but you can ensure that the road is safer for other families by punishing those trucking companies who employ unsafe drivers.

Malek & Malek does not believe that all truck drivers are bad; in fact a majority of truck drivers are honest, hardworking individuals who follow the rules and drive safely. It is the minority of bad truck drivers and the trucking companies that employ them that should be removed from Ohio’s roadways. That is why you need a competent Columbus wrongful death attorney when your loved one has been killed by a semi-truck.

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