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Serious Injury Due To Inadequate Security


Chicago silver bean

Chicago: Two Homicides this Past Weekend

This weekend I drove up to Chicago, Illinois, and more specifically Evanston in order to attend an academic award ceremony for my son. If you are familiar with Evanston, Illinois at all its at the northern tip of Chicago. To get there you can drive up Lake Shore Drive onto Sheridan, pass Rogers Park, and then you hit Evanston.

I had lived in Rogers Park while I had been working at game company in downtown Chicago. So I decided to take a walk around my old neighborhood while I was in town. My old apartment was on this beach called Loyola Beach. I walked around the beach and around my old apartment on Friday and Saturday.

Lo and behold I get a message from my friend (who happens to now live in Rogers Park) that there were two murders in Rogers Park this past weekend. Yikes, one of the murders took place in front of my old apartment, in the same place I had walked on Friday and Saturday. Kinda eerie. Appears that the murders were completely random. Very unsettling. Read here

My Chicago Apartment:

Chicago apartment

Serious Injury due to Inadequate Security

Why do I bring this up beyond the fact that it was a crazy event that happened this weekend? Because if you or your family is involved in a serious injury at an apartment complex, grocery store, department store, and/or parking lots of those businesses, then you may have a cause of action against the apartment complex and or businesses. These places have a duty to protect their residents and/or visitors from serious bodily harm by providing adequate security. Adequate security can come in the form of proper lighting, security cameras, and onsite security personnel among other things.

In the occurrence you are attacked or your family member attacked or god forbid murdered at an apartment complex or business, then you would be entitled to sue those entities. In addition you would have a Victims of Crime Claim. Victims of Crime will pay for medical bills and lost wages.

Hopefully you never do experience serious bodily injury due to an attack or assault at an apartment complex, grocery store, department store, and/or parking lots of those businesses. If you do please contact Jim or Hillary at Malek & Malek to help you and your family get all the compensation you and your family are entitled to.

Chicago from Loyola Beach at Rogers Park (way off in the distance)

Chicago from Loyola Beach at Rogers Park