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5 Facts About Workers’ Compensation for Blue Collar Workers in Ohio

Workers' Compensation

When you go to work, you expect your employer to provide a safe work environment. You also expect your employer to supply the tools and equipment you need to avoid injuries. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. All types of workers face job-related risks, and these risks often lead to painful and expensive injuries. In this article, our Columbus workers’ compensation lawyers discuss five important facts for blue-collar workers who have been injured on the job.

Fact #1: If You’ve Been Injured on the Job, You are Probably Entitled to Benefits

Most blue-collar workers in Ohio qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits when they get injured on the job. While there is no guarantee, if you got hurt at work and you receive a regular paycheck and a W-2, there is a pretty good chance that you qualify for benefits. To make sure you qualify—and to make sure you do everything that is required to assert your legal rights effectively—you should talk to a local lawyer promptly.

Fact #2: You Must File Your Claim with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

In order to seek benefits for your job injury, you will need to file a claim with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC). This can be challenging, and workers in all occupations can struggle to collect the benefits they deserve. We have provided some tips for filing a claim with the Ohio BWC, but our lawyers can also file your claim on your behalf.

Fact #3: You Must See a Certified Provider After Your First Visit

Under Ohio law, you must see a doctor who has been certified by the Ohio BWC after your first visit for treatment. If you don’t see a certified doctor, this could result in your workers’ compensation claim being denied.

Fact #4: You Need to Prove Your Right to Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Even though workers’ compensation is a “no-fault” system in Ohio, you still need to prove your right to benefits. This means that you need to prove your injury is job-related, and it means you need to prove how much you are entitled to recover. If your employer disputes your claim or the Ohio BWC issues a denial, you will need to be prepared to fight for the benefits you deserve.

Fact #5: You Can Hire a Lawyer at No Out-of-Pocket Cost

Rather than trying to file a claim on your own, you can hire a Columbus workers’ compensation lawyer at no out-of-pocket cost. At Malek & Malek Law Firm, we provide contingency-fee representation, which means you only pay if you win.

Talk to a Columbus Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for Free

Are you a blue-collar worker, and did you get hurt on the job? If so, our lawyers can help you fight for the benefits you deserve. To get started with a free, no-obligation consultation, call 888-444-7440 or tell us about your case online now.