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A Columbus Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Discusses Workplace Injury Risks During the Holiday Season

Workers' Compensation

While workers in all occupations face injury risks year-round, certain job-related risks become more prevalent during the holiday season. If you or a loved one has been injured or gotten sick as a result of any of the following, you should speak with a Columbus workers’ compensation lawyer about your legal rights:

1. Increased Pressure to Meet Deadlines

As the end of the year approaches, many workers face increased pressure to meet deadlines before heading home to spend time with their loved ones. Pressure to get ready for the holidays can also cause stress that impacts workers’ ability to do their jobs safely and effectively.

2. Co-Worker Mistakes

Whether due to pressure, distractions or other factors, co-workers may make mistakes during the holidays that they wouldn’t make under normal circumstances. Unfortunately, it only takes one minor mistake to cause a serious accident, and many workers suffer injuries due to causes beyond their control.

3. Distracted Driving or Drunk Driving

For workers who drive for a living or as a regular part of their job duties, distracted and drunk drivers present significant risks during the holidays. Thanksgiving weekend is particularly dangerous when it comes to the risk of being hit by a drunk driver, while driver distractions are a concern throughout the holiday season.

4. Winter Weather

Here in Ohio, we often get more than our fair share of winter weather. Snow, sleet and ice can make many types of jobs more dangerous, and weather-related accidents during the morning and evening commutes are serious concerns as well.

5. Fatigue, Stress or Anxiety

Working long hours to get ready for time off, being stressed about deadlines or holiday preparations, and generally feeling anxious about the holidays can all impact employees’ activities at work. Fatigue has been shown to cause impairments similar to low-level alcohol intoxication, while stress and anxiety have been shown to have a negative effect on job performance.

6. Limited Staffing or Supervision

With many companies experiencing staffing shortages already due to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, limited staffing and supervision are likely to be particular concerns this holiday season. As co-workers begin to take holiday leave, those who stay behind to shoulder the load may find that they don’t have the support and supervision they need to do their jobs safely.

7. Food Hazards

While office holiday parties may seem to be – and usually are – low risk, food hazards can leave workers suffering from various types of illnesses. From foods being undercooked to foods being left out at room temperature for too long, various issues can lead to food poisoning that may force workers to stay home for days or weeks.

Speak with a Columbus Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for Free

When workers get injured or sick on the job, they have clear legal rights under Ohio law. To discuss your legal rights with a Columbus workers’ compensation lawyer in confidence, call 888-444-7440 or request a free consultation online today.