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Author: Kip Malek

Injured at Seasonal Temp Job, Do I Have a Claim?


Seasonal Temp Work We’re firmly in the Holiday Season. Black Friday has come and passed, but there’s still a month to go of Christmas madness. Mad rush to shop for things we and our children don’t need. This is also a time for seasonal temp work. Retail stores, warehouse jobs, […]

Fight At Work: Workers Comp Injury?


Black Friday Body Slam With Thanksgiving comes Black Friday. Over this past weekend I was watching these clips on Youtube of Black Friday Madness. One in particular was particularly brutal. It depicts what appears to be a shopper slamming a Kmart employee into shelving. I believe the Kmart employee broke […]

Ohio State Fair Tragedy: Who Is Liable


Jim Malek gave an interview regarding who may be liable for the tragedy on ABC Channel 6. In regards to the accident he had this to say: “As long as they follow the safety rules, and we don’t know that at this point in time, this accident should not have […]

Medco-14: Return To Work With Restrictions


Important distinction between being “temporary and totally disabled” and being “released to work with restrictions.” If you are “temporary and totally disabled” you may be entitled to temporary total disability compensation. If: (1) you have been released to work with restrictions and (2) your employer offers you a “Written Light […]