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Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Special Investigations Department


The purpose of Workers’ Compensation is to compensate an injured worker for workplace injuries. A number of types of compensation including temporary total disability compensation are predicated on the injured worker being unable to return to the type of work they performed at their job as a result of their workplace injury. Sometimes so-called injured workers are not in fact injured, yet continue to collect compensation.

In this case that would be fraud. It is not fair to legitimately injured workers to do so. To combat fraud, the BWC has a Special Investigations Department. They will surveil workers quite doggedly. There have been instances where the SID has surveiled our own clients. The bottomline is, they are pretty thorough, they will discover fraud.

Despite the good intentions of the SID, NBC4 sheds light on a quota system imposed on SID’s investigators. According to NBC4, this quota system in turn has led to some absurd levels of overzealousness on the part of some investigators.