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How Do I Find Workers Comp Doctor?

After you have received your emergency care you will need what is called a POR or Physician of Record. A physician of record will provide medical treatment, medication, request medical treatment, request diagnostics, and send you out to specialist. A Physician of Record is similar to a primary care physician except they will only be treating you in relation to work your injury and the allowed conditions in your work injury claim. You can choose whomever you wish to go to as your POR, you DO NOT have to go where the hospital sends you or where your employer sends you. Your physician of record can be a chiropractor.

The POR will document objective findings related to your work injury. One of the great distinction between a workers compensation doctor and a regular doctor, is the workers comp doctor will fill out the myriad different forms that the BWC requires. From certifying you off work in a document called a Medco-14 to request specific medical treatment in a document called a C9.

In case you do not have a POR, here is a list of medical providers and facilities in and around Franklin County that can serve as a POR (listed in no particular order). Also if you do not live in Columbus, email us we can connect you with a POR in your area of Ohio: