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What Money and Compensation Can I Get for My Dog Bite Case?

There are two types of damages or money you may be awarded if you prevail under a common law dog bite case. These are compensatory damages and punitive damages.

Compensatory damages are divided into two categories. Economic damages and noneconomic damages. Economic damages include money and expenses that you have actually suffered such as medical bills and lost wages due to the dog bite injury. Noneconomic damages are damages that have no concrete, “this is how much this costs, here’s your bill” amount. These include things like pain and suffering and loss of consortium.

In Ohio there is no cap on economic damages. So if you incur $30000 in medical bills, you can be awarded $30000 in medical bills. Non-economic damages have been capped. In Ohio, you receive, which ever is greater , either $250,000 or three times your economic damages up to $350,000.

Now if the victim of the dog bite has suffered a permanent or physical deformity, or a permanent physical injury that prevents him or her from caring for himself/herself, there are NO limitations on economic damages.

Punitive damages are capped twice the value of compensatory damages.

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