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Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Filing for Workers’ Comp in Ohio

Workers' Compensation

When you have a workers’ comp claim, there is a lot that can go wrong if you aren’t careful. In fact, if you make certain mistakes, you could end up without any compensation for your job-related injury or illness. In this article, our Columbus workers compensation attorneys discuss five critical mistakes you need to avoid when seeking benefits in Ohio.

5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid After Getting Injured or Sick on the Job

1. Not Reporting Your Injury or Illness to Your Employer

A key early step for seeking workers’ comp benefits is to report your injury or illness to your employer. Technically, you have up to a year to report an injury and up to two years to report an occupational disease. But, waiting can make it more difficult to collect benefits (because it will become more difficult to prove that your medical condition is work-related); and, if you lose track of the deadline, you could lose your claim entirely.

2. Not Seeking Treatment for Your Injury or Illness

Promptly seeking medical treatment is important for two key reasons: (i) it gives you the best chance of recovery, and (ii) it helps with proving that your injury or illness is job-related. If you don’t seek treatment, not only could you face an increased risk of medical complications, but it will also become more difficult to establish your claim for benefits.

3. Relying on Your Employer or Its Third-Party Administrator for Advice

While it is important that you report your injury or illness to your employer, it is equally important that you not rely on your employer for advice regarding your workers’ comp claim. The same goes for your employer’s third-party administrator. These companies do not have your best interests in mind, and they will not help you seek the full benefits you deserve.

4. Accepting a Settlement Without Knowing How Much You Can Recover

Under Ohio law, you can accept certain benefits without waiving your rights. However, if you accept a settlement, your workers’ comp claim will be over. As a result, it is extremely important that you not settle until you know how much you are entitled to recover. With this in mind, you should not sign anything unless your Columbus workers’ compensation attorney says it is safe to do so.

5. Trying to Handle Your Claim Without Hiring a Columbus Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Given the challenges and risks involved in filing for workers’ comp, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to handle your claim on your own. It doesn’t cost anything out of pocket to get help from a Columbus workers compensation attorney, and an attorney can help you avoid the mistakes discussed above (among others) while seeking the maximum benefits available.

Discuss Your Claim with a Columbus Workers’ Compensation Attorney for Free

Do you need to seek workers’ comp benefits? If so, we can help, and we encourage you to schedule a free consultation promptly. To discuss your claim with a Columbus workers’ compensation attorney in confidence, call 888-444-7440 or tell us how we can contact you online today.