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Auto Accident Patients at OhioHealth


An article in the Columbus Dispatch illuminates instances where OhioHealth has been pursuing payment of medical bills under the injured’s auto-insurance rather than hishealth insurance. Essentially, OhioHealth is skirting the discounted fees they negotiate with health companies, and instead charging the full or near full-rate to the injured individual. The take-away I […]

Workers Compensation Hearings At The Industrial Commission


This might seem obvious, but its incredibly important to show up at Industrial Commission hearings. If you have a hearing before the Industrial Commission you’ll receive a notice in the mail. I’ve attached an example of a notice with our client’s information redacted. If you notice the highlighted section says, […]

Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Special Investigations Department


The purpose of Workers’ Compensation is to compensate an injured worker for workplace injuries. A number of types of compensation including temporary total disability compensation are predicated on the injured worker being unable to return to the type of work they performed at their job as a result of their workplace injury. Sometimes […]

Disparity in Workers Comp Benefits From State To State


Article discusses the bizarre reality where two individuals lose the same limb, one lives in Alabama the other 75 miles away in Georgia. Its truly strange, and rather frightening. One would think every state in the United States treats their workers similarly, but clearly this is not the case. One […]