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Personal Injury: The Importance of Evidence: Bus Crash


Destroyed car hit by bus

You must act fast collecting evidence after you have been personally injured. Evidence, particularly video evidence, can/will be destroyed. Often times evidences, such as video and photos, show who was at fault for the cause of the injury. Sometimes, this will incentivize the destruction of evidence by the wrongdoer in anticipation of a personal injury lawsuit. Other times, evidence is destroyed as part of the normal course of business, i.e. information on a video server may only be retained for x amount of weeks before deletion. Either way, the sooner you come to Malek & Malek, the more likely we can prevent the wrongdoer from destroying these vital information.

Case in point was a Bus Crash involving our client Rodney Matthews. Rodney Matthews was a passenger of a car which had run out of gas. The driver and Matthews were pushing the car on the side of the road, when a bus crashed into the back of the car. It was dark, and the bus driver claimed he did not see the car. Had there been no video evidence, this might have been the end of the story.

Fortunately there was video evidence of the interior of the bus, showing the driver glancing at something to his left eight times before crashing into the car, instantly killing the driver and grievously injuring our client Matthews.

Image of video feed from bus

Video Evidence can be the thing that makes or breaks your personal injury claims along with attorney you chose to represent you. Whether you are injured in a slip and fallcar accident, or a dog bite case, the attorneys at Malek & Malek are here to help you and your family get the compensation and medical care you deserve.