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Landlord Tenant/Renter Injuries

Renter Injuries Attorneys in Columbus

It is not uncommon for renters to sometimes feel like second-class citizens, particularly when dealing with their landlords. If you have been injured on a property where you rent, it is essential to understand you have rights, and you may be able to hold your landlord accountable. At Malek & Malek Law Firm, our renter injuries attorneys in Columbus help tenants get the compensation they deserve when they have been injured due to their landlord’s negligence.  

Premises Liability and Your Landlord’s Legal Obligation in Ohio

Premises liability is a legal concept that requires property owners to make reasonable efforts to ensure that their property is safe for guests and visitors. In the context of a landlord-tenant relationship, the landlord must maintain the rental property, including any common areas, in a manner that is safe for their tenants. Whether your landlord is a private individual or a large commercial rental company, they have a legal duty to ensure the property you are residing in is safe and free from any unreasonable hazards. Our renter injuries attorneys in Columbus can explain how this duty applies in your case. 

Was Your Columbus Landlord Aware of the Hazard?

In landlord-tenant premises liability cases, the facts surrounding your case are critical. If the hazard was within the dwelling, your landlord might not have been aware of the hazardous condition that caused your injury. If the hazard existed at the time you moved in, they probably knew or should have known about it. If it developed after or while you occupied the property, they might not have had reason to be aware of the hazard unless you told them about it. If you live in an apartment complex and the hazard was in the common area, then you may be able to argue the landlord should have known it existed, which is what our renter injuries attorneys in Columbus will do for you as our client.

Common Examples of Landlord Liability After an Accident

Below are some of the common examples of landlord negligence that can result in severe injuries to tenants: 

  • Faulty, inoperative, or missing smoke detectors or other fire safety/suppression systems
  • Exposed wiring 
  • Malfunctioning furnaces that lead to carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Failure to remediate asbestos, toxic mold, or other poisonous substances
  • Failure to properly maintain elevators
  • Failure to warn of wet floors in lobbies
  • Failure to remove snow and ice from walkways and parking lots
  • Failure to repair broken steps, torn carpeting, or broken flooring

In some instances, your landlord may only have a duty to warn tenants the hazard exists in situations where they cannot immediately address the situation. For example, if they cannot dry a wet floor, a “wet floor” sign should be posted to avoid slip and fall accidents. In other instances, they may avoid liability if they can prove the repairs would be unreasonably difficult or expensive. If you were injured due to your landlord’s negligence, our renter injuries attorneys in Columbus can evaluate your case and explain your options.  

Contact the Renter Injuries Attorneys in Columbus at Malek Law Firm

As a renter, you are entitled to a safe place to live. At Malek Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers help injured tenants hold their landlords liable. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and other losses. To discuss your case or schedule a free consultation, call us today at 888-444-7440 or contact us online