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In the News: Serious Injury Case at Bucks Platinum Club

Personal Injury

Attorney Grant Carpenter representing the victim in a serious injury case involving a shooting at Bucks Platinum Club

Serious Injury Attorney Grant Carpenter

The issue with any serious injury case is whether someone or some entity has breached a duty of care. Did the person or company or restaurant or store, wherever, did they do or not do something, and did that action cause you injury. For example if you go in a home improvement store, the expectation is that you will not have a stack of wood fall down upon you and crush your foot. In that case did that store breach its duty of care by inadequately stacking the wood. If so that store might be liable to pay you compensation for your injury, including medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Your attorney would need to prove that the store should have stacked the wood in one manner, and they did so in an unsafe manner, or a manner not recommended by that industry. Once the attorney proved this negligence, then the next issue would be to prove your economic and non-economic damages. 

Be that as it may, presumably, when one goes into a “gentlemen’s club” one does not expect to be seriously injured. Attorney Grant’s mission will be to prove that Buck’s Platinum breached a duty of care to our client when Buck’s Platinum Club guest Jermaine Westbrook was admitted with a gun. So the question you may have is why not sue Jermaine Westbrook. That’s a good question. In any personal injury, serious injury case there needs to be a source of economic recovery. There may be multiple potential sources of recovery. In this instance, Jermaine Westbrook is likely not recoverable, whereas the owners of Bucks Platinum Club may be. (or Bucks Platinum Club’s insurance policy may provide coverage).

In any injury case, a key issue is always, is there a source of recovery. For example a common problem with dog bite cases is recovering from the owner, harborer or keeper of the dog bite. You may win your dog bite case, you may be awarded a million dollar judgment against the dog owner, but if the dog owner has zero assets to his/her name and no insurance, then you’ve won your case, but your recovery is zero. This is another reason why its always a good idea to get the best auto-insurance coverage you can for yourself that includes uninsured, underinsured coverage. If you get a barebones care insurance policy and get hit by some schmuck also has barebone coverage, or no coverage at all, you might have problems. If your policy limits are $ 20,000, that’s going to be a problem if you suffer a car accident that prevents you from working for a significant length of time. 

Getting back to the Bucks Platinum Club, big, controversial injuries create waves in society. People’s lives are irrecovably impacted. The victims in this incident must live with the physical injury and sequaela from being shot, including psychic scars.  Attorney Grant is razor focused on thiscase, he’s possess dogged tenacity al with eye for detail. This case is in good hands. You can read more about the shooting and the developing case here: