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What Company is Liable for a Truck Accident? Insights from a Columbus Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck Accidents

When you suffer injuries or lose a loved one in a commercial truck accident, determining liability is one of the first steps toward pursuing a claim for financial compensation. Several factors can cause (or contribute to causing) truck accidents, and this means that several companies can potentially be liable. A Columbus truck accident lawyer at Malek & Malek Law Firm can identify the company (or companies) responsible for your losses and fight to recover the compensation you and your family deserve.

5 Companies that May Be Liable for Your (or Your Loved One’s) Truck Accident

Here are five examples of companies that may be liable for your (or your loved one’s) truck accident in Ohio:

1. The Trucking Company or Retailer

Trucking companies own most of the tractor-trailers that traverse Ohio’s roads and highways, and many retailers own and operate their own 18-wheelers and box trucks. As truck owners and employers, trucking companies and retailers can be held liable for serious and fatal commercial truck accidents involving:

  • Driver negligence, recklessness, inexperience and fatigue
  • Inadequate truck maintenance
  • Failure to properly secure truck cargo

2. The Shipping Company

Many trucking companies haul containers and other cargo for other companies. If an issue with the truck’s cargo caused the accident and the cargo was loaded by a third-party shipping company, then the shipping company may be liable. This could be the case, for example, if the cargo inside of a container was not properly secured or if the container was overloaded on one side. Both of these issues can cause truck drivers to lose control unexpectedly and make them helpless to avoid a collision.

3. The Truck Manufacturer

When a truck defect causes an accident, the truck’s manufacturer can be held liable under Ohio law. Defects are alarmingly common, and manufacturers regularly put dangerous trucks on the road.

4. A Component Manufacturer

In addition to truck manufacturers, component manufacturers can also face liability for defect-related accidents. For example, if a tire blowout caused the truck driver to lose control, then the tire manufacturer could be legally responsible for your family’s accident-related losses.

5. Another Driver’s Insurance Company

Finally, many commercial truck accidents result from other drivers’ negligence. If another driver made a mistake that triggered your (or your loved one’s) truck accident, then you may have a claim under that driver’s insurance policy. In this scenario, uninsured/underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage may apply as well, and you will need to work with an experienced Columbus truck accident lawyer to make sure you are seeking the maximum compensation available.

Get Help from a Columbus Truck Accident Lawyer 24/7

Regardless of the circumstances involved, protecting your legal rights after a commercial truck accident requires a prompt investigation, careful legal analysis and a skilled approach to fighting for the compensation you and your family deserve. To discuss your case with one of our experienced Columbus truck accident lawyers in confidence, call 888-444-7440 or request a free consultation online now.