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When Should You Talk To a Columbus Wrongful Death Attorney?

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one too soon is an unspeakable tragedy. It is something that no family should have to endure, and yet it happens all too often. Many untimely deaths are due to factors beyond the victim’s control, and the only solace for family members in these cases is that they have the ability to hold the at-fault parties accountable by hiring a Columbus wrongful death attorney.

Circumstances in Which You Should Speak with a Wrongful Death Attorney

There are several circumstances in which you should speak with a wrongful death attorney. In fact, if you have any reason to suspect that someone else is responsible for your loved one’s death, you should schedule a free consultation. The following are common examples of circumstances in which wrongful death claims can arise, but this list is by no means exhaustive:

  • Fatal Vehicle Collisions – Fatal car, truck and motorcycle accidents are usually the result of driver negligence. Vehicle defects, road defects and various other issues can lead to fatal collisions as well.
  • Fatal Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents – When vehicles strike pedestrians and cyclists, the consequences are almost always catastrophic—and in some cases they are fatal. In many cases, family members will have wrongful death claims against the drivers who are responsible.
  • Fatal Falls – In cases involving fatal falls, property owners, maintenance companies and various other entities can all potentially be held liable. This is true in cases involving elevator and escalator malfunctions, falls from height, falls in nursing homes and other accidents.
  • Fatal Workplace Accidents – Fatal workplace accidents are far more common than they should be. If you have lost a loved one on the job, your family may have a workers’ compensation claim, a wrongful death claim or both.
  • Fatal Medical Mistakes – Fatal medical mistakes are also alarmingly common. If your loved one died as the result of a misdiagnosis or other medical error, your loved one’s health care provider can (and should) be held accountable.

When Is It Too Late to Talk to a Wrongful Death Attorney?

In Ohio, the statute of limitations for wrongful death claims is two years from the date of death or from the date it was discovered that the victim’s death was wrongful. If you have waited longer than two years, it may be too late for an attorney to file a claim on your family’s behalf. But, regardless of how long it has been, you owe it to yourself to make informed decisions, and a wrongful death attorney can confirm whether or not your family still has time to file.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Malek & Malek Today

If you have lost a loved one in Ohio and would like to speak with a wrongful death attorney, we invite you to schedule a free consultation. Our Columbus wrongful death attorneys are more than happy to help you understand your situation and consider your options. To schedule an appointment at your convenience, call us at 888-444-7440 or tell us how we can reach you online today.