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Workers Comp: Seasonal Work


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Work Injuries and Seasonal jobs

I posted about seasonal jobs last year, but it bears repeating. This is the time of year that stores and various types of warehouse jobs hire temporary workers. People work overtime, six-seven days a week to make some extra holiday money, or just supplement their yearly income. Inevitably some temp workers get hurt.

When I was in at Purdue University I got a temp job at Cheryl’s Cookies in Westerville, Ohio during our Christmas break. I would pack various gift boxes with cookies. It wasn’t a particularly hard job. We got free cookies. A funny thing happened working there. We had to sign a little card indicating who had made the gift box.

Some temp worker had signed the card as “this package was made by Inmate #45921.” I didn’t do it, but come on its kinda funny. Anyways I recall whomever did it got fired; I do not condone things that will get you fired.

Temp Employee, Injured, You may have a Claim

The likelihood of me being injured at Cheryl’s Cookies was very low. But had I gotten injured I would have a worker’s comp claim. Even though I was only a temp worker and the job would have ended in less than a month.

So please, let no one get injured at their temp job, but if you do, remember you can file a claim. It doesn’t matter if you worked only one hour or three weeks.

Doug, Ben, and I have taken many hearings involving injured temp workers. If you’re injured come to Malek & Malek for compassionate, aggressive legal representation for your work injury. We’ve been in business since 1972 protecting the injured and their families in Ohio.