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Author: Kip Malek

Hope Everyone Has Had A Nice Summer


When you are a kid and when you have kids, your summer is defined by the beginning and ending of summer vacation. Jim’s son goes back to school this week, and my son goes back to school next week ( I think). With their vacations coming to an end they […]

Ohio Workers’ Compensation: Fraud, Don’t Do It


If you are claiming that you are temporarily and totally disabled or permanently totally disabled, you are saying you cannot perform the type of work you did before you were injured. For example, assume an individual works in a warehouse packing items into a box. That person injures his back […]

Ohio Workers’ Compensation: Work Place Rule Violation


Don’t Voluntary Abandon Your Job! In Ohio Workers’ Compensation, you might hear the word “abandonment” in regards to your job. Abandonment refers to the departure from your job. If you abandon your job you are no longer working there. It is roughly analogous to quitting your job, being fired/terminated, or laid off […]

Ohio Workers’ Compensation: The Historical Compromise


Origins The Ohio worker’s compensation law has had a major impact to business and society throughout its history. Just as any law it has been refined and polished numerous times. The law has gone through many changes in its evolution to what your worker’s compensation lawyer at Malek & Malek has become […]