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Should I Get Uninsured Motorist And Under-Insured Motorist Coverage (“UM”)?

The short answer is: YES! The next question is, “what is insured motorist overage?”An uninsured motorist is a driver without insurance. The repercussions being that if the uninsured motorist is at fault, the victim is limited to getting her bills paid directly from the uninsured motorist.

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Unfortunately, most uninsured motorists are facing their own financial difficulties (otherwise why would they forgo getting insurance). Therefore, when the victim goes to collect for medical bills and car damage, the uninsured driver has little or no money to pay the victim for her physical injuries and damaged car.

“But doesn’t Ohio require that all drivers show proof of financial ability (i.e. insurance coverage) in order to drive?” Sort of.  Ohio does require proof. The problem is that in Ohio, when registering a car or renewing a driver’s license, a driver must simply sign a statement that he has insurance coverage. At that time he does not need to prove to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (“BMV”) that he has car insurance. A driver can lie on this application about his lack of insurance and still get his license or register his car.

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