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Author: Kip Malek

Travolta Movie Filmed Across From Our Office


A bit of excitement in Columbus now that John Travolta is in town to film his new movie, “I Am Wrath.” Even more exciting is the fact that parts of the film are being film across the street from the office. Doug, Kip, and Ed Malek took a break today to watch a […]

Show Proof of Car Insurance With Smartphones


In Ohio you need proof of insurance in order to drive. This is encapsulated in Ohio’s Financial Responsibility Law. As of March 23 drivers can now show their proof of car insurance with smartphones and tablets. I’m not sure how much of an advantage or benefit this is to the everyday […]

Tort Reform: Unintended Consequences


I’ve briefly defined Ohio Tort reform in this section of our site: Essentially it caps the amount of non-economic damages, i.e. compensation for non-monetary harm. In Ohio, where a plaintiff does not suffer a major physical injury, then her non-economic damages cannot exceed the greater of $250k or three times […]

Auto Accident Patients at OhioHealth


An article in the Columbus Dispatch illuminates instances where OhioHealth has been pursuing payment of medical bills under the injured’s auto-insurance rather than hishealth insurance. Essentially, OhioHealth is skirting the discounted fees they negotiate with health companies, and instead charging the full or near full-rate to the injured individual. The take-away I […]

Workers Compensation Hearings At The Industrial Commission


This might seem obvious, but its incredibly important to show up at Industrial Commission hearings. If you have a hearing before the Industrial Commission you’ll receive a notice in the mail. I’ve attached an example of a notice with our client’s information redacted. If you notice the highlighted section says, […]