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Injured Healthcare Workers

Helping Columbus Healthcare Workers with Their Claims for Benefits

Many people don’t realize that the health care industry is actually one of the most dangerous industries with one of the highest rates of at-work injuries in the country. Fortunately, you have rights if you are injured at work, just like any other worker in Ohio. Whether you work at a hospital or while providing in-home care, a Columbus healthcare workers’ compensation lawyer can help you get the benefits you need to pay your bills and take care of your family. 

Common Injuries to Healthcare Workers 

Health care workers face the same hazards that every other worker faces – injuries due to falls and overuse injuries. In addition, however, health care workers also face the following hazards: 

  • Illness due to exposure to communicable diseases
  • Injury caused by violence from mentally distressed patients
  • Back and other injuries due to lifting patients
  • Chemical exposure

Any one of these injuries can result in you missing work and losing income. A Columbus health care workers’ compensation lawyer can explain your options and help you get the benefits you need. 

What You Will Need to Prove to Obtain Compensation

In order to pursue a workers’ compensation claim, you will need to prove three things: 

  • You suffered an illness or injury; 
  • In the course of your employment; and
  • You are unable to work as a result of your illness or injury. 

The second element is sometimes difficult to prove, especially when it comes to illnesses and injuries that have developed over time. Health care workers with pre-existing injuries also face additional challenges, because you will have to prove that you were re-injured or your injury was exacerbated at work.

For some, it can also be a challenge to prove that they are unable to work. For that reason, it’s important to not self-diagnose your illness or injury and get a thorough medical exam. In addition, you also want to follow your doctor’s orders to the letter – not following the prescribed treatment can jeopardize your claim.

An experienced Columbus health care workers’ compensation lawyer can help you navigate the process so that you can get the benefits you need. 

What Workers’ Compensation Will Cover for Healthcare Workers

If you can prove that your injury was work-related, workers’ compensation provides two main benefits: 

  • It will pay up to two-thirds of your weekly wages up to $980; and
  • It will pay any and all medical expenses related to your injury.

The wage loss benefits are available for up to 200 weeks. However, it will not cover all of your wages or any overtime or bonuses you normally receive. Perhaps more importantly, workers’ compensation will not cover any pain and suffering or other losses you experience as a result of your injury. 

Contact a Healthcare Workers’ Compensation Lawyer at Malek & Malek Today

Injured health care workers are entitled to workers’ compensation just like anyone else. We help injured health care workers get the benefits they need, from the initial application to appealing a denial. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced health care workers’ compensation attorney, simply call us at 888-444-7440 or complete our online contact form.